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Long-Term Partnership with Roxtec

At Tyrone Fabrication we design and produce a wide range of advanced steel equipment enclosures for the transportation, telecoms, power supply & data centre industries. We’re able to work on everything from single, bespoke designs to multinational network systems. This means we have a solution that’s just right for our clients.

In order to achieve optimum success within these industries, Tyrone Fabrication supports its customers with the most advanced solutions. When it comes to protecting and sealing their infrastructure and enclosures, we do this by using global & market-leading brands such as Roxtec. Roxtec solutions seal cables, cable ducts and pipes against water ingress, gas migration and fire hazards into safety-critical and sensitive electrical equipment and buildings. The use of leading brands such as Roxtec allows us to install quickly and cleanly with the least amount of time needed. Offering, quick commissioning and reassignment in the case of changes can be easily accomplished thanks to their innovative solutions. WHY WE CHOOSE ROXTEC
  • Certified protection

  • Solutions for cables, metal & plastic pipes

  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes

  • Spare capacity allows for future alterations

  • Customised solutions

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