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In this sector most enclosures are placed street-side – so  security is a major consideration. Tyrone Fabrication therefore offer a  wide variety of hinge and locking systems to ensure all equipment  remains safe, secure and operational Cabins.

• Robust, low-maintenance environments for electronic equipment
•  Designed up to IP65 standard
•  Air-conditioning cooling fitted for consistent internal temperature
•  Electronic-static EMC/EMI sub-floor (also aids cable management)BESPOKE RACKING ENCLOSURES (19” AND ETSI)
• Designed to boost adjustable racking spacing
• Used within cabins and in larger multi-user buildings 
•  Available in a range of standard formats or purpose-built to orderSTEEL EQUIPMENT ENCLOSURES
• Copper cross-connect termination cabinet
• Designed for track-side deployment
• Can accept DSL repeater housings in optional side pod
• Very versatile
• Provides high security & weather protection

Tyrone Fabrication have worked alongside the telecoms industry  for over 25 years. They have successfully designed and developed an  innovative variety of products and solutions for an extensive range of  indoor and outdoor telecom applications.As a rapidly expanding  provider of turn-key enclosure solutions to the telecommunications  market, Tyrone Fabrication’s experience and technical ability in the  enclosure market has enabled them to design manufacture and develop an  innovative range of telecommunication cabins/cabinets.Telecom  enclosures  can also be configured to meet all client specifications and  requirements  with a range of options and design available including  cable management, environmental protection and equipment integration.Tyrone  Fabrication have supplied fixed-line telecom providers and mobile  operators with approved enclosures to support their network.

These include:

• Street-side cabinets
• Equipment cabins
• Transmission racks
• Meter cabinets
• Radio mountain frames
• Battery back-up solutions

Tyrone Fabrication create market-leading steel enclosures (cladding units) and cabins in order to provide high-quality, safe and secure working environments for the power generation industry.

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