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WHAT IS AN FEX (Fibre Exchange)

Tyrone Fabrication is working closely with world-leading telecoms companies to improve the functionality of our fibre networks. Fiber exchanges, or FEXs, are at the heart of most fiber networks.

A FEX can power and connect up to 60,000 premises across Towns & Cities. In this way, higher-speed benefits are delivered to customers with fewer exchanges and less energy consumption.

Tyrone Fabrication offers the solution to upgrade old-fashioned copper telephone exchange networks and set new standards for efficiency and capacity.

Our custom-designed modular units are housed in high-security modular environments and are roughly the size of a shipping container. Free-air cooling systems and intelligent climate controls are used on each FEX to reduce electricity consumption, prolong equipment life, and reduce waste. To supply mains electricity, renewable energy sources are also used whenever possible.

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