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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: My name is Andrew Quinn, I am an apprentice here at Tyrone Fabrication, I joined the team in May 2019. I am engaged with two children; Callan and Eireann. I’ve worked as an electrical stores employee and an electrical apprentice for approx. 3 years. Outside of work I spend most of my free time with my family. WHAT DID YOU STUDY AT UNIVERSITY / CURRENTLY STUDYING: Currently I am studying Electrotechnical Installations at South West College which consists of me being on Tyrone Fabrication site 5 days a week, as I normally work Saturdays and in South West College 1 day a week. PLEASE TALK US THROUGH A TYPICAL DAY FOR YOU AT TYRONE FABRICATION: Everyday I am constantly learning something new, I am always asking questions as I am constantly learning new products. At Tyrone Fabrication my day usually consists of working on the electrical site, I’m spending time learning the components for the cabins/cabinets, learning all about the wiring and circuit diagrams. HOW AND WHY DID YOU GET INTO ELECTRICAL WORK? Prior to my current electrical apprentice, I worked full-time in Homebase Store in Cookstown, whilst there I worked my way up to a Section Leader, by doing this I was able to achieve the grades that I needed to start my elecrical career. Barrett Electrical then hired me as an electrical stores employee. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB AND HOW DO YOU FIND WORKING WITH YOUR TEAM? I enjoy a new challenge of learning as everyday this career is a learning day. There is always something new to learn and new ways of doing things you already know. In my short time here everyone has been very helpful, which helps massively when trying to learn and progress in my career. DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR NEW RECRUITS? Never feel that you’re too old to start something new, considering I am 30 years old and only in second year.

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