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We are the supplier of choice to many major telecommunications networks, providing infrastructure equipment buildings in the form of cabins, racking enclosures and steel equipment enclosures.


These robust, low-maintenance environments for housing electronic equipment are designed up to IP65 standard. The cabins incorporate many specialised features, such as an air-conditioning cooling system, which enables internal equipment to be maintained at a constant temperature. Another element is an electronic-static EMC/EMI sub-floor, which ensures equipment is not affected through electro-magnetic interference (and aids underfloor cable management).

Racking Enclosures (19″ and ETSI)

Designed to boost adjustable racking spacing, these products are used within cabins and in larger buildings where there may be multiple many companies using the same room for their communications network. Enclosures are available in a range of standard formats or can be purpose-built to order.

Steel Equipment Enclosures

Our wide variety of steel enclosures for the communication sector ranges from stainless to galvanised, powder-coated to hot-dipped.
These also come in single and multi-door variations – and can also be designed to your specific needs.

In this industry most enclosures are placed street-side – so security is a major consideration. We therefore offer a wide variety of hinges and locking systems to ensure your equipment remains safe, secure and operational.