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rail industry

Our market-leading background in working with the rail industry covers Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs), location cases (for housing telecom and switch gear) and FTNs (Fixed Telecom Networks).

Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs)

Designed up to IP65 standard, our REB design incorporates many specialised features such as an air-conditioning cooling system, which enables internal equipment to be maintained at a constant temperature. Another element is an electronic-static EMC/EMI sub-floor, which ensures equipment is not affected through electro-magnetic interference (and aids underfloor cable management).

Location Case

Specially designed to Network Rail’s specifications for housing telecom equipment and switchgear, our location cases are manufactured in stainless or galvanised steel. They come in two standard sizes – single door and double door – for ease of installation and maintenance.

FTN Enclosure

We created this enclosure for trackside deployment across Network Rail’s telecom network. Available to accept one or two DSL repeater housings (side pods), it is designed to give extra versatility and provide high security and weather protection.